Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in an orphanage, where he often looked after the younger children and dreamed of going on grand adventures. Flynn’s real name is Eugene Fitzherbert; he took the name Flynn Rider after a storybook hero he admired as a child.

Living… a nomadic lifestyle as he travels through kingdoms and forests. Flynn is often on the run from various authorities, and so, wherever he is, he tends to stay under the radar.

Visiting… the kingdom of Corona with Rapunzel, after she convinces him to act as her guide. Unfortunately, Flynn is a wanted man in the kingdom, and they run into quite a bit of trouble.

Profession… thief, conman, and criminal. Flynn often puts his skill set to use in ways that aren’t exactly legal. He works alone, and he often uses his good looks to get out of sticky situations.

Relationship Status… single. Flynn values his independence in his work and his personal life. He can be a charming ladies’ man if he wants to be, but that doesn’t work on quite everyone.  

Challenge… getting a stolen tiara back from Rapunzel. Flynn is being chased by a different pair of thieves who are after the crown. But the only way Rapunzel will give it back is if he accompanies her to the festival of lights in Corona.

Personality… charming, daring, and confident. Flynn is the definition of dashing, and he knows it. He can sometimes be a bit arrogant, but beneath it all he has a sensitive heart.


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