Alison DiLaurentis

Alison DiLaurentis

    Pretty Little Liars
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as close to a princess as a pretty girl from an affluent suburban neighborhood can get. Alison was adored and spoiled by her parents, while the entire town of Rosewood both feared and respected her.

Living… disappeared and presumed dead. Or maybe she’s just completely off the grid, if we’re trying to remain optimistic. But for now it seems that she’s probably lying in a ditch somewhere. A year ago, Alison – Rosewood’s beloved It Girl – went missing without trace or explanation. That doesn’t seem to change no matter how many times Alison’s friends are dragged into the police station for questioning.  

Interests… fashion, hot boys, and playing piano. Alison was never unaware of whoever the hottest boy is in a ten-mile radius – and she was never not wearing the perfect thing to ensnare him.

Relationship Status… ambiguous and secretive. Whether Alison was hooking up with a cute older boy at a frat party, meeting someone secretly in the woods behind her house, or leading on one of her friends with a stolen kiss, that was her business. And as far as the rumor mill goes, well… clearly she was with anyone who was hot enough to deserve her.

Challenge… maintaining her fragile control over Rosewood, even after she’s disappeared. A year after Alison went missing, this still doesn’t seem to be all that difficult for her – Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna are still trapped in Alison’s lies, terrified of disturbing the house of cards that surround them. The problem is, the mysterious “A” seems to want control of the girls all to herself…

Personality… vindictive, selfish, and alluring. Alison hated being made to feel powerless and vulnerable, and in her experience, that’s what the truth does to people when it’s exposed. Hence, Alison’s blackmailing of pretty much everyone she’s ever met. To ensure that no one controls her, Alison strives to control everyone else. She somehow does that even from the presumed grave. Or maybe she’s not dead after all...


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