Character Recommendations Based on Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

Sydney Bristow Alias

Kick-ass double agent on a mission for revenge

Faith Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A chip on her shoulder and a stake in her hand

Mal Reynolds Firefly

A rebel and a damn fine space captain

Jack Bauer 24

Terrorist fighter who is scared of nothing and no one. The clock is ticking!

Zeratul StarCraft

Cryptic, mystic, and not to be messed with

Jackie Brown Jackie Brown

Not your everyday flight attendant

Carrie Mathison Homeland

Jazz-loving CIA operative hearing the notes her colleagues can't… or won't

C. J. Cregg The West Wing

White House Press Secretary who's a master of verbal karate and the best damn basketball player in Ohio Valley history

Harry Dresden The Dresden Files

A gruff, sarcastic everyman who just happens to be the world's only wizard PI

Tony Soprano The Sopranos

Keeping therapy secret from both his families – especially his mob one