Character Recommendations Based on Travis Bickle

Ash Williams The Evil Dead

Houseware clerk at S-Mart and... the Chosen One?

Gregor Samsa The Metamorphosis

An ordinary man in an abnormal predicament

Barry Egan Punch Drunk Love

Has too many anger issues to list here

Norman Bates Psycho

Though seemingly caring and calm, this motel owner has a mysterious streak of intensity – or perhaps worse

Terence Fletcher Whiplash

Whether you're rushing or dragging, he'll whip you into shape. Fletcher will accept nothing less than his perfect tempo

Hayley Stark Hard Candy

A sarcastic 14-year-old with an unusual passion

Jules Winnfield Pulp Fiction

If this cool mob enforcer is quoting a bible verse at you, you're in trouble

Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction

Fun-loving gangster's wife whose fun can go too far

Tony Soprano The Sopranos

Keeping therapy secret from both his families – especially his mob one

Shotaro Kaneda Akira

Equal parts hotheaded and arrogant, Kaneda is nevertheless fiercely protective of the biker gang he leads