Django Unchained
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… a slave in the American South, Django has endured constant hardship since the day he was born.

Living… in transit.

Profession… bounty hunter. Django spent most of his life as a slave until a German dentist/bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz, liberated him. Intelligent, a natural marksman, and angry as hell, Django is poised to excel in the violent life of a bounty hunter – especially under Schultz’s expert tutelage.

Interests… revenge. One of the only good things that ever happened to him is his marriage to Brunhilda. But Django’s marital bliss did not last, and they were forcibly separated. Desperate to save his wife and eager to exact revenge on the men who made his life a living hell, Django’s got one real interest – kicking ass.

Relationship status… married, but unsure if he will ever see his wife again. Django and Brunhilda’s previous master disapproved of their marriage, prompting the two lovebirds to attempt an escape. Unfortunately, they were caught, beaten, branded, and sold to different owners. Now that Django is finally free, he is determined to reunite with his wife, regardless of how many men he has to kill to find her.

Challenge… surviving as a free black man in the South long enough to find and free Brunhilda. The odds are stacked against Django, who can’t even ride a horse without attracting stares and slurs. Surrounded by vicious racism, Django’s is continually forced into violent conflict with men who want to see him dead or in chains. Fortunately, Django’s toughness, commitment, and marksmanship make him a formidable foe – with a little luck and the help of Dr. Schultz, Django might actually be able to pull it off.

Personality… loyal, lethal, and ruthless. His moral compass is challenged throughout his voyage, and he quickly becomes comfortable with the fact that violence is a necessary tool. He constantly radiates a quiet anger, and finds himself unable to resist the temptation to talk back to those who perpetually taunt him. Luckily, when Django’s smart mouth gets him into trouble, he can rely on his fast hands to get him out of it.


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