Character Recommendations Based on Driver

Travis Bickle Taxi Driver

Lonely sociopath veteran and general New York City menace

Louis Bloom Nightcrawler

It's certainly easier to get great footage of crimes when you can guarantee they'll happen

Anton Chigurh No Country for Old Men

Terrifying and disturbing, and we're not just talking about his haircut

Mr. Blonde Reservoir Dogs

Out of jail and back in the heist game; still psychotic as ever

Max Fischer Rushmore

President of every club who's fighting to save Latin at school and kiss his teacher

Riggan Thomson Birdman

A washed-up movie star running from his inner demons. Alas those inner demons look just like the superhero he used to play

Frances Ha Frances Ha

Free spirit feeling old at 27

Alice Closer

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

Roger Kint The Usual Suspects

A nervous, weak, ham-handed criminal. We think

Jim Stark Rebel Without A Cause

A teen torn apart by what the world asks of him