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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Echo Park, Los Angeles, a city he knows inside and out. He just moved to a new apartment. He’s grown close with one of his neighbors in particular, Irene. It’s nice to have company, but some company gets you in more trouble than others.

Profession… all things automobile: mechanic in the day time at Shannon’s garage, moonlighting as a stunt driver in Hollywood films, and getaway driver for hire whenever he and Shannon get the call. Five years ago he showed up at Shannon’s garage without any references and asked for a job. Shannon offered him half pay and he accepted. Shannon’s been exploiting him ever since.

Interests… racing. Local mobster Bernie Rose is thinking of getting into stock car racing. If Bernie buys the chassis, Shannon’s already committed the Driver to drive it. Shannon’s willing to go all out on this, so the risk must be worth it.

Relationship Status… complicated, to say the least. He’s fallen for his neighbor, Irene, whose husband has just been released after a long prison sentence.  The Driver could very well be killed for his infatuation with Irene and her son, Benicio, but for some reason he can’t stay away. In fact, he thinks meeting Irene was the best thing that ever happened to him, the trouble notwithstanding.

Challenge… staying in Irene’s life while keeping his own. Her husband, Standard, owes money for protection he received while in prison. He’s decided to rob a pawn shop, and he needs is a getaway driver. The Driver wants whatever is best for Irene and Benicio, but every option seems like a potentially dangerous compromise.

Personality… honorable, in the strangest ways. The Driver lives by a very particular inner moral code. He’ll drive you to the scene of the crime, but he’ll only give you five minutes to finish the job before you have to find another “getaway” option. He’ll fall in love with your wife, but he’ll help you rob a pawn shop to make up for it. He stands by his word, and he’s loyal to a fault.


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