Louis Bloom

Louis Bloom

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the north side of the Valley, though he no longer has any connections to his past. He hardly even travels to the area for work.

Living… in a mostly bare apartment, with only his television and his computer for company.

Visiting… the scene of the latest violent accident, which he finds through a police scanner bought at a pawn shop.

Profession… self-employed videographer. He’s self-employed mostly because no one will hire a guy without credentials whose only experience involves the black market. He’s recently become involved in the world of freelance video journalism, where it’s all about getting the best shot before everyone else – and the gorier and more graphic, the better.

Interests… success and self-improvement. Lou knows that he can achieve his dreams as long as he continues to learn and better himself – even if he has unconventional ways of doing so.

Relationship Status… single. Though he’s actively looking for a partner who can be his equal, both professionally and intimately. To Lou, everything is a logical transaction – even this.

Challenge… clawing his way to success despite his lack of a formal education and financial resources. Lou teaches himself everything he needs to know. Meticulous, diligent, and driven, he fully immerses himself in whatever new venture he tackles in order to ensure success. He’s a fast learner, and he doesn’t usually take no for an answer.

Personality… ruthless, perceptive, and direct. Lou doesn’t care for social formalities, preferring honest, direct communication and solution-based discussion. He is aware of his quirks, seeing them as his personal advantages; he doesn’t get distracted by things that may otherwise keep him from professional success.


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