Character Recommendations Based on Dracula

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

A phenomenal sense of smell, a weak sense of morality

Don Quixote Don Quixote

The original windmill-tilter

Ishmael Moby Dick

A quiet observer on a larger-than-life quest

Dorian Gray Dorian Gray

This beautiful aesthete lives for pleasure in all of its forms

Heathcliff Wuthering Heights

Romantic, tortured, and at times cruel, Heathcliff is an intense man

Quasimodo The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Though raised to think of himself as a monster, Quasimodo's heart holds nothing but compassion

Alex DeLarge A Clockwork Orange

Violent but witty psychopath

Miss Havisham Great Expectations

The creepiest old rich lady in town

Patrick Bateman American Psycho

An expert in mergers and acquisitions as well as murders and executions

Silk Spectre Watchmen

More of a sex symbol than a crime-stopper, the original Silk Spectre has now become the ultimate superhero stage mom