Character Recommendations Based on Christine Collins

Barry Egan Punch Drunk Love

Has too many anger issues to list here

John Keating Dead Poets Society

The biggest lesson from this inspiring teacher? Carpe diem

Brandon Teena Boys Don't Cry

An adventurous young man with the courage to be himself

David Wooderson Dazed and Confused

All right, all right, all right!

Carl Grimes The Walking Dead

Growing up is hard. Growing up in a zombie apocalypse is even harder

Brian Johnson The Breakfast Club

Brainy nerd who feels pressure to live up to expectations

Schmidt New Girl

Underneath his preening narcissist exterior, Schmidt is, well, still kind of a preening narcissist. But he has a good heart too

Esmeralda The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Her street wisdom is unparalleled

Natasha Rostova War and Peace

Romantic, impulsive, and captivated by the joys of life, Natasha is on the messy path of growing up