Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Lima, Ohio, with her two dads Hiram and LeRoy. Because Rachel’s fathers have always spoiled her (dubbing her their “Shining Star” pre-birth), she possesses a (very) healthy ego and a strong desire to be the center of attention. At the tender age of three months old, she entered (and won) her first dance competition – almost literally proving her constant claims to have been born a star. Rachel had a very regimented childhood, with her dads always rushing her off to rehearsals, practices, performances, recitals, competitions, and contests. 

Living… in her dads’ house on 241 Birch Hill Rd. Her room reflects her personality: perfect and polished. Every object has its place and everything is cleaned and tidied to perfection.

Profession… high school student at McKinley High. Though Rachel professes not to care what others think of her, one major goal is to become popular. Rachel initially believes that the glee club will increase her visibility at school, making her wildly celebrated. Much to her disappointment, being in the club actually makes her more unpopular.

Interests… singing solos, Broadway, performing, and competing. Rachel will do anything to win. She is always ready for a challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to prove she is the best. Rachel’s dream is to become a famous singer, and she is willing to do anything towards achieving this goal.

Relationship Status… looking for a boyfriend. In addition to seeking popularity, or perhaps as a product of it, Rachel really wants a boyfriend. She quickly develops a crush on the quarterback Finn Hudson when he joins glee club. Much to her dismay, he’s dating the head cheerleader Quinn Fabray. But at least he’s nice to her; that’s a start, isn’t it?

Challenge… getting people to like her. Rachel generally means well, and she tries hard to find and make friends with other glee club members. Her aggressive nature and sizable ego, however, initially push others away. Her desire for friends and her desire to be the best are two goals that she constantly attempts to reconcile. Often she has to tone down her personality or give up a solo she’s received in order to fit in better.

Personality… strong, driven, neurotic, and competitive. Rachel is one of the biggest divas you’ll ever encounter, especially when it comes to singing. It takes Rachel a while to understand that being the best means little if you do not have friends to share it with. When she does eventually make friends, she is fiercely loyal, although oftentimes continuing to put herself before others in competitions. Though she seems to be getting better about being empathetic; let’s hope that trend continues.


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