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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in 18th century Ireland. As a human, he was known as Liam and was just like any other guy who drinks too much and lives with his parents – pretty much useless. After becoming a vampire at the ripe old age of 26 thanks to Darla, a ruthless vampire in her own right, Liam took on the name Angelus. He would go on to become the most infamous demon in the world for centuries.

Living… in late 20th century Los Angeles, where his new business – Angel Investigations – has its headquarters. Angel previously lived in Sunnydale, California, where he often helped and sometimes dated Buffy… you know, the vampire slayer. (Don’t worry, Angel has a soul, so there was no conflict of interest.)

Visiting… anyone who needs saving from a demon. He also spends way too much time in the law offices of Wolfram & Hart, considering they’re the most evil thing he’s ever seen. (Angelus might have been more inherently evil, but don’t forget that vampires can’t see their own reflection.)

Profession… vampire and detective. While being a vampire with a soul is kind of a full time job, he’s technically in charge of Angel Investigations, but usually that means letting his associates do most of the work and then running into save the day at the last minute. For a vampire, the guy’s kind of got a hero complex.

Interests… being alone or protecting those he cares about. Whenever he’s not actively saving the world, Angel can be found sitting in a dark room thinking of ways to redeem his soul. It’s more than a hobby – it’s pretty much an obsession.

Relationship Status… celibate, hopefully. The curse that gave Angel his soul will be undone if ever experiences a moment of true happiness. He and Buffy learned this the hard way once, and no one – not even some vampires – want to see Angelus ever again. Luckily, Angel and Buffy just broke up, and he’s not really looking to replace her just yet.

Challenge… controlling his darker side, Angelus, and atoning for the sins of his past. After arriving in Los Angeles, Angel finds out that the Powers That Be have plans for him. If he helps them fight evil, he can work toward redemption for his past deeds as Angelus. Angel is well known for brooding over his past sins, and his redemption soon becomes his main focus.

Personality… brooding, protective, and socially awkward. Angel might not be the sort of person you want to go to a party with… or really anywhere in public with. But when his innate loyalty combines with a hero complex, Angel makes one awesome bodyguard to protect you if you’re ever in danger. And let’s be honest, if you’re friends with Angel, you’ll probably be in danger more than you’d like.


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