Christine Collins
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Christine Collins


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Living... in 1920s Los Angeles. Christine Collins and her son Walter live in a well-groomed suburb just outside of the bustling city. Life is tranquil and routine, just the way she likes it.

Profession... supervisor at a telephone company. Christine’s competence and professionalism have earned her a position as one of the first female managers within the organization. Her boss has nothing but praise for her performance.

Interests... spending time with Walter. Christine may have a successful career, but motherhood is always her first priority. Nothing beats a night at the movies with her son.

Relationship Status... single. Her husband ran out on his family years ago. As a result, Christine is raising Walter on her own.

Challenge... finding Walter. Christine returns home from work one day to find an empty house; Walter had disappeared. Heartbroken, she spends months begging the LAPD for assistance while continuing her own desperate search. Unfortunately, the police seem extremely unsympathetic towards her plight, insisting that they “don’t have the resources to be chasing every kid who runs off on his parents.” Then things get even worse for Christine when the police return to her a boy that they (and he) claim is Walter – but she’s convinced it’s not.

Personality... dignified and resilient. Christine encourages her son to live by the words “never start a fight...always finish it.” She may be incredibly loving, but she’s certainly not a coddler. But all of that will be severely tested in the ordeal to come.

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