Character Recommendations Based on Sam Fox

Carrie Mathison Homeland

Jazz-loving CIA operative hearing the notes her colleagues can't… or won't

Frances Ha Frances Ha

Free spirit feeling old at 27

Amber Holt Parenthood

Perpetually caught between forging her own path and stumbling around in the dark

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm

Blunt, petty, neurotic who can never live and let live

Louie C.K. Louie

Comedy is tough, fatherhood is worse

Joan Holloway Mad Men

Could run the whole company if only they'd let her, but for now, she'll rule the secretarial pool

Terence Fletcher Whiplash

Whether you're rushing or dragging, he'll whip you into shape. Fletcher will accept nothing less than his perfect tempo

Alan Turing The Imitation Game

A brilliant technical mind with a reclusive personality

Amy Townsend Trainwreck

Rarely wakes up in the same bed twice

Eleanor Shellstrop The Good Place

Rude and egotistical, Eleanor at least has an appealing no-nonsense enthusiasm for life