Amber Holt

Amber Holt

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Berkeley with her grandparents, mom, and brother. Unfortunately, her life was better in Fresno before they moved. Her boyfriend Damien was there, and she didn’t have to worry about Grandma and Grandpa catching her when she snuck out to visit him.

Profession... high school student by day, rebellious teen by night. Amber specializes in driving her mom, Sarah, crazy. She has run away to Fresno, made eyes at her English teacher, and scored pot for her cousin. But she’s starting to mature a little bit.

Interests… writing music, cutting class, and sneaking beers from her grandpa’s garage fridge. Her mom and grandparents would love for her to focus on her music and college, but Amber doesn’t really care about careers or living a conventional lifestyle.

Relationship Status... dating Damien, a burnout who still lives in Fresno. Her mother Sarah hopes the long distance will break them up, and if that doesn’t work, she’ll just have to lock her in her room forever. That’s a legitimate option, right?

Challenge... dealing with her crazy family in such close quarters and fitting in at a new school where everyone’s so much lamer than her friends back in Fresno. Plus, her dad skipped out on them a bunch of years ago, and she hasn’t forgiven him. And why should she? He left to tour with his other druggie band members. What an insult to pick them over her.

Personality... sarcastic and angry, but smart and creative. Amber has always been a talented musician, but she still gets nervous performing in front of anyone, even if the audience is just her family. She’s a lifesaver when her uncle Adam needs help with his autistic son Max. She has patience for him that almost no one else in his life does. And she always gives loving advice to her younger brother, Drew. At the end of the day, she’s a Braverman, and Bravermans always get it together.


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