Dev Shah

Dev Shah

    Master of None
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with Indian immigrant parents, and with every privilege possible. His parents were eager to provide Dev with everything they didn’t have growing up. As a spoiled American child, though, Dev did not always appreciate it.

Living… in a hip New York City apartment, near lots of bars where he can always meet up with his friends.

Profession… actor in mostly commercials, but he’s trying to break into more serious stuff. You probably know him from that one Go-Gurt commercial, but he’s doing other things too – as long as casting directors stop stereotyping him and editors stop cutting his part out.

Interests… hanging out with his friends, eatingpasta, and having fun with all of what New York has to offer, whether that’s attending concerts or hitting the latest taco joint.

Relationship Status… single and navigating the messiness of modern love and dating. That runs the gamut from married ladies to girls who only date him for the free food. He had one awkward night with a girl named Rachel, though, and he might want to pursue that more…

Challenge… figuring out who he is and what he wants. As a young adult in New York, Dev has endless choices. He just needs to learn to settle on some of them to form his identity.

Personality… self-centered, funny, and striving to do better. Dev is a romantic and a big dreamer who also appreciates the little things in life, whether that’s a touching moment with his parents or some great barbeque sauce.


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