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Sam Fox

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Living... one day at a time. And some days even that’s too tall an order. Sam is raising her three strong-willed daughters on her own, while maintaining an acting career and living next door to her demanding mother.

Profession... actress over 40. It’s not easy. Executives and casting directors want them younger, taller, less likely to stand up for one’s self. Sam takes what she can get, from embarrassing pharmaceutical voiceovers to makeup-heavy sci-fi TV. It pays the bills and gives her the financial means to be a part of her daughters’ lives. 

Interests… taking a nap in her car, enjoying a quiet glass of wine, watching her daughters grow up and make smart decisions. 

Relationship Status... divorced. She still texts with her ex-husband, and dates here and there, but as she says, “I’m dating my daughters. They’re my love life.” Her daughters take up 1000% of her time but as teenagers going through big life changes, they also require lots of love, understanding and patience. She’s not always happy to do it, but she does.

Challenge... parenting her daughters and finding a spare minute in her day that isn’t completely challenging. Her oldest, Max, is a rebellious teenager who’s scared for her future and constantly butts heads with Sam for not giving her complete freedom. Middle child Frankie is exploring issues of gender and finds comfort in protest. Duke is the youngest and deals with torture from her older sisters.                                                                                              

Personality... funny, stubborn, and smart. You’d think her kids would be more interested in her advice. But she’s grown to accept and appreciate the small victories in life – an audition that isn’t a disaster, helping her daughter over a breakup, getting her kids back in bed safe and healthy for another night’s sleep.  

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