Character Recommendations Based on Ricky

Maui Moana

There's nothing "demi" about this demigod's massive ego

Jules Vaughn Euphoria

Trying to break out of the patterns that keep holding her back

Enchantress Suicide Squad

It turns out breaking open an ancient cursed statue will do funny things to a girl

Okoye Black Panther

Loyalty is the greatest strength of this fearsome warrior

Pam Beesly The Office

Shy receptionist who would rather waste time with Jim than spend quality time with her fiancé

Lip Gallagher Shameless

Brilliant but self-destructive, Lip spends more time stirring up trouble than hitting the books

Lily Aldrin How I Met Your Mother

A flaky but supportive kindergarten teacher and painter

Caitlin Snow The Flash

Caitlin believes that burying herself in science is the best way to save the day or to mend a broken heart

Anna Frozen

Not even a closed door will deter this eternal optimist

Cosette Les Miserables

A sheltered young woman with big questions about her past