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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers) a house by the fjord in the fishing and farming village of Kattegut with her husband, Ragnar, and their children, Bjorn and Gyda 

Profession...farmer and shield-maiden. Although she is often seen farming or taking care of the house, Lagertha is no weak housewife. She is a Viking shield maiden and a fearsome warrior of her own rightIn this world where you have to be strong to live, Lagertha is ready to do whatever it takes to protect her family.  

Interests...battling and proving her worth. As a woman, Lagertha is always being underestimated, especially by other warriors. But she is just as eager as they are to battle and explore and is a better fighter than most of them.   

Relationship Status...passionately married. Lagertha and Ragnar are a well-matched pair: both are clever tacticians and skilled warriors. In fact, Lagertha did not accept Ragnar’s marriage proposal until he proved his worth as fighter by killing a bear and a hound who guarded her house.  

Challenge...keeping her family safe. Her husband is playing a dangerous game with the earl by pushing him to raid to the West, where no Vikings have gone before. While Ragnar tries to fulfill his destiny, Lagertha must try to protect her family from the fallout of his actions and from those who stand in his way.  

Personality...fierce, pragmatic, and proud. Lagertha is guided by her principles of honor and dignity. The one thing she can’t abide by is people trying to humiliate her. She is just trying to provide for her family and live a good life. In her words: “Life must be lived to the fullest before it is over. I embrace the idea of life and death.” 


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