Trailer Park Boys
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia, Canada – a homey and homely place where crime reigns and drunkards firing guns in the middle of the night is commonplace. Ricky loves the park and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Thought that might be because he can’t afford anything better, let alone his own trailer in the park. 

Living… in a car, gifted to him by his best friend Julian, with whom he constantly fights and then makes up with just in time to collaborate on a new caper. Ricky seems content living there. And even when his girlfriend Lucy takes him back, Ricky continues to sleep in the car, probably just on principle. 

Profession… petty crook. Ricky has been a criminal for most of his life. And even when he’s just out of jail and still on parole, he’s already cooking up more illegal plots. Growing marijuana in his car is probably his most lucrative plan. But starring in an underground porno film might be his most sought-after position.

Interests… beer, dope, and bumming cigarettes. In fact, although Ricky is addicted to nicotine, he never has cigarettes of his own.

Relationship Status… in a complicated relationship with Lucy, the mother of his daughter Trinity. Whenever Ricky gets out of jail, she wants nothing to do with him. But once he gets his dope operation up and running again, Lucy realizes he’s a man with a plan and she considers being with him again.

Challenge… staying out of jail. Mr. Lahey, the trailer park supervisor, spends most of his time trying to get Ricky arrested and thrown out of the park. And Ricky sure doesn’t make things easy for himself, committing crimes just about every time he gets the chance.

Personality… troublesome, crooked, and annoying. Ricky likes to prank people with rude knock-knock jokes as much as he likes getting into drunken brawls. Ricky is also prone to being shot, and proud of it. Every time he seems to get thrown out of the park, he just keeps coming back for more. At least the man has resilience. 


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