John Wick

John Wick

    John Wick
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a small village in Mexico where he engaged in petty theft throughout the town.

Living… in a super modern mansion that gets blown to bits at one point because Santino, head honcho of the organized crime syndicate that John used to work for, takes issue with John’s retirement.

Profession… Wick used to serve in the US Marine Corps, where he learned a code of honor and ethics that he later grapples with when he becomes a hitman. Wick worked for the Continental, a hotel that functions as neutral territory for criminals, and soon gained a reputation as an efficient killer. After meeting his wife Helen, he decides to start a new life and change for the better. Unfortunately, he is soon dragged right back to the world of crime.

Interests… killing, killing, killing. Whenever John Wick isn’t killing, he’s tending to his dogs, seemingly the only thing keeping him sane and – well, maybe “happy” isn’t the right word – let’s just say content. He is adept in martial arts and at using firearms, and knows a thing or two about throwing knives. Not to mention, he loves driving his vintage Mustang around the racetrack. He ends up turning this hobby into, you guessed it, a way to kill his enemies by running them over.

Relationship Status… widowed. His stoic demeanor, murderous rampages, and laconic vocabulary don’t always make him seem like an eligible bachelor. However, his love for dogs, fluency in more languages than a UN Diplomat, and unreal physique would suggest otherwise.

Personality… think the human version of a German Shepherd. Ever since his wife Helen died, Wick has maintained a melancholic and cold-blooded veneer. If someone wrongs him, he mercilessly retaliates against them.


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