Character Recommendations Based on Chiyo Sakamoto

Pi Patel Life of Pi

Philosophical, compassionate, and resilient, Pi approaches problems with a composure far beyond his years

Dom Cobb Inception

Brilliant "extractor" who's spent the past few years running from the authorities and his inner demons

V V for Vendetta

An enigmatic man, skilled with words and violence

Tiffany Maxwell Silver Linings Playbook

Unfiltered young widow battling depression

Trinity The Matrix

Ass-kicking babe with a fondness for leather clothing

Lara Croft Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

This aristocrat-turned-tomb-raider does her best thinking while plunging off cliffs

Jason Bourne The Bourne Identity

He's suffering amnesia, but considering what he's done as a CIA assassin, maybe that's for the best

Ellen Ripley Alien

Even a nightmare come to life can't knock her down

Ender Wiggin Ender's Game

A tough childhood prepared Ender for tough choices

Walter White Breaking Bad

Caring, but calculating; kind yet ruthless. This chemistry teacher is a living paradox