Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer of Vengerberg

    The Witcher
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a literal pig pen. Her family had a house, but her father hated her and made her stay outside, frequently insulting her and worse. Her life changed when the sorceress Tissaia took her away to Aretuza, where Yennefer was also trained to be a sorceress. However, the training was in some ways even harder than her previous life.

Living… on the wind. For a while she was assigned as an adviser to the king of Aedirn, but now Yennefer goes where she will, searching for happiness and freedom, and often unable to find it.

Profession… sorceress, one of the most powerful around. Yennefer can create detailed illusions, brew potions, create portals to faraway places, and more. She works ceaselessly to learn more and gain more power.

Interests… mostly defined by her magical pursuits. Yennefer has little interest in other people’s hobbies, but she’ll follow the most obscure piece of lore if there’s a chance it will pay off. She has been known to enjoy a good beer, though, and she will sometimes set up elaborate illusions to entertain herself with.

Relationship Status… complicated. Yennefer is beautiful and doesn’t lack for lovers, but she also doesn’t trust anyone, making a long-term commitment impossible. Geralt, the witcher, is the only man she’s been drawn to as an adult, but their wandering lives make sustaining a relationship challenging.

Challenge… surviving in a war-torn world long enough to heal herself. As part of her sorceress training, Yennefer had to give up the ability to have children, which she now desparately wants to fix. But the empire of Nilfgaard is sweeping through kingdom after kingdom, and Yennefer may have to defend her very way of life before creating life herself.

Personality… willful and intelligent. Yennefer prizes her freedom above all else, and sees her power as a way to achieve that. She craves respect, even adoration, but she’ll never say so, instead brushing people off dismissively. However, as time goes by, she begins to realize that she does indeed care about certain people, and that if she wants to protect them, she’ll have to admit that she has some compassion within her.


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