Character Recommendations Based on Garrus Vakarian

Rue Bennett Euphoria

Overprescribed and under-supervised her entire life

Captain Hook Once Upon a Time

A roguish pirate who isn't quite as villainous as he pretends to be

Black Star Soul Eater

He's the great Black Star, he's come to assassinate you

Ben Hargreeves The Umbrella Academy

Haunting the world—literally

Mello Death Note

Driven, resentful, and ruthless, Mello's an emotional powder keg. It's only a matter of time before he explodes

Cookie Lyon Empire

She got locked up so her husband could make it big but now she's coming for what's hers

Susanna Kaysen Girl, Interrupted

Aspiring writer, despairing young woman who struggles with suicidal thoughts

Morgana Merlin

Sometimes wanting to do the right thing can led you down the wrong path

Bellamy Blake The 100

He may seem like a charismatic leader, but Bellamy also has a ruthless, self-serving streak

Emily Fields Pretty Little Liars

Though athletic and popular, the sensitive Emily's heart is frequently broken