Jake Peralta

Jake Peralta

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Brooklyn, N.Y. Jake isn’t home very much, but that’s O.K. because he loves his job. Just don’t tell him who won the big game, because he’s probably DVRing it back at his place.

Profession... detective in the Ninety-Ninth Precinct of the New York City Police Department. He has one of the best arrest records in the precinct, which he never fails to remind his fellow officers.

Interests... competition. Jake is extremely competitive and focused on being the best. Whether it’s locking up the most “perps,” cracking cases that have stumped the rest of the force, or just petty arguments around the office, Jake always wants to win.

Relationship Status... single. Jake is too consumed by his work to commit to a full-time relationship but enjoys flirting with the various female members of his precinct. This generally comes off as an innocent vehicle for affirmation that he is indeed as charming, successful and good-looking as he thinks he is. (Not quite, but close enough for government work.) Though he is especially attentive to fellow detective Amy Santiago, even making a bet that if he solves more cases than her, they have to go out on a date.

Challenge... gaining the respect of his no-nonsense commanding officer, Capt. Ray Holt. Jake was never pushed very hard before Holt arrived at the Nine-Nine. His old boss barely left his office and let Jake run wild, in part because Jake still delivered results no matter how much he might goof off in the process. He likes to joke about everything, including cases: "He ran; I pursued; whole thing turned into an awesome car chase!" But Holt is not only a by-the-book supervisor but a super-serious type who rarely cracks a smile. For a guy like Jake who lives to make people laugh, but also wants his work valued by a “serious” cop, winning over Holt is the ultimate challenge. Jake’s father left his family when he was young, and Holt is essentially the stern surrogate father whose approval he craves.

Personality... witty, fun-loving and a bit immature, but serious about his job. As sarcastic as he often is, Jake really does take pride in being a good detective and values his relationship with his colleagues. He keeps the squad room loose with his constant jokes, but when it’s time to work he’ll go above and beyond: "I don't care if it's not our jurisdiction, we're solving this." As much as he might drive colleagues crazy with his antics, the Nine-Nine would be a less fun, and less effective, precinct without him.


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