Welcome to Night Vale

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Night Vale, a small town in the desert. Carlos came to Night Vale because it is “the most scientifically interesting community in the U.S.” Strange things regularly happen in the town, and the citizens of the town don’t seem to notice. But Carlos and his team of scientists do.

Profession… scientist. What kind? It’s hard to say. As Carlos says, “I’m a scientist. I study science.” He has a team of other scientists and funding to study the paranormal goings-on in the town of Night Vale. For example, they’re very interested in one of the houses in Night Vale, which seems like it exists, but actually doesn’t. They’re currently taking volunteers to knock on the door.

Interests… science. Carlos is really, really focused on his job, to the point of running experiments during dates.

Relationship Status… single. Carlos seems oblivious to the fact that local radio host Cecil is head-over-heels in love with him. He only talks to Cecil when he has an important scientific update for the community. But that may soon change.

Challenge… surviving the weirdness of Night Vale long enough to study it. It’s a dangerous town, where librarians are things to fear and wheat by-products can kill you. Carlos has such a strong desire to figure these things out that he sometimes gets himself into dangerous situations. At least he’s not affected by the same blasé attitude that affects other Night Vale residents during potentially fatal events.

Personality… intelligent, industrious, and preoccupied. Carlos is always trying to learn more, sometimes to the exclusion of doing anything else. When the entire town was afflicted with a plague of laziness, Carlos was still up and doing things. He’s also brave, willing to face a plethora of unnatural menaces to protect the town. He might have his head in his lab equipment most of the time, but he cares deeply for the value of human life as well.


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