Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a Tokyo under attack. When she was fourteen, Misato accompanied her father on a research expedition to the Antartica. The expedition, however, went terribly wrong when a catalsymic event called Second Impact happened, leading to massive flooding and widespread death. Misato survived, but only thanks to her father's quick thinking. Fifteen years later, humanity has rebuilt, if not quite recovered, but they now face a new threat: the monstrous, alien Angels.

Living… with Shinji Ikari, the newest member of the Evangelion project. Although only fourteen, Shinji has been selected as an Evangelion pilot. Evangelions are giant robots, and the only things capable of killing Angels. It's not an easy job, but Misato tries to make it easier by taking Shinji in. However, it's uncertain whether Misato's own insecurities—along with her inability to shop, clean, or cook anything other than instant ramen—make her a fit guardian for the shy teenager.

Profession… operations director at NERV, which oversees the Evangelion project. Captain Katsuragi might be not be able to keep house, but she has a keen mind for tactics, and it's often thanks to her quick thinking that mankind narrowly avoids destruction.

Interests… alcohol, junk food, and partying. Misato might be nearly thirty, but she still lives like a college student. Beer is her drink of choice, and she calls a cold can one of the small things in life that "make it all worthwhile!"

Relationship Status… complicated. Misato dated Ryoji Kaji in college, and while they've been exes for years, she clearly still has feelings for him. However, Kaji's playboy nature and Misato's own tendency to jealousy make it hard for them to rekindle anything resembling intimacy.

Challenge… defeating Angels while battling her own inner demons. Misato might seem cheerful, but she still has deep scars from witnessing Second Impact. It doesn't help that Misato's father is dead, leaving his daughter to grapple with her mixed feelings towards him with no sense of closure. And in the midst of a seemingly inevitable apocalypse, it seems that NERV may have more secrets than they pretend.

Personality… professional with a wilder side. At NERV, Misato is the perfect captain: level-headed, smart, and collected. At home, however, she's another story, never without a beer in her hand or her pet penguin by her side. But beneath both personality, there are hints that Misato's true personality lies closer to her summation of human relationships: "The hedgehog’s dilemma...the closer we become, the more deeply we hurt each other."


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