Character Recommendations Based on Brick Pollitt

Jim Stark Rebel Without A Cause

A teen torn apart by what the world asks of him

Hans Landa Inglourious Basterds

Sadistic and self-serving, but so smart that you'd never realize it until it's too late

Louis Bloom Nightcrawler

It's certainly easier to get great footage of crimes when you can guarantee they'll happen

Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands

His deadly hands disguise a gentle heart

King Leonidas 300

Warrior King up against massive odds – just the way he likes it

Cooper Interstellar

Humble, intelligent, and gentle, Cooper views the world through the lens of his family

Nina Sayer Black Swan

She's always been Little Miss Perfect. Now she's ready to misbehave

Joel The Last of Us

A hardened, jaded survivor who keeps finding things to fight for

Jonas The Giver

Curiosity and compassion aren't always to his advantage

Dean Winchester Supernatural

Family means more to him than anything