Brick Pollitt
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Brick Pollitt

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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About Him

Grew up… having it all. He was blessed with great looks, a wealthy family, and natural athletic abilities. He was his parent’s favorite of his three siblings, and was the star of his high school– on the football field and off. He also had a best friend growing up named Skipper, but after his suicide everything changed.

Visiting… his family's estate in Mississippi with his wife Maggie. He and his siblings have all gathered at their parent’s estate to celebrate the 65th birthday of their father who they call “Big Daddy.” Coming back home, Brick was nostalgic for his high school days and went back to visit his old school. But he learned an important lesson: never jump over track hurdles while drunk. He broke his ankle and has to use crutches. 

Interests… drinking. Brick is not in a good place, and he has turned to the bottle to drown his sorrows.

Relationship Status… married to the titular cat, Maggie. Maggie desperately wants children, but that would require him to actually sleep with her. Brick is prepared to stay married to Maggie, but he wishes she would stop harassing him about having a baby. As he says to her, “How in hell on earth can you imagine you're gonna have a child with a man who cannot stand you?”

Challenge… dealing with his friend Skipper’s suicide. He blames Maggie as well as himself. Maggie had been jealous of Brick's close relationship with Skipper and almost seduced him to get back at Brick. Brick wonders is this might have contributed to Skipper’s decision to kill himself. And Brick can’t stop thinking of a frantic call that Skipper made to him before his death. If only he had done more after that call, Skipper might be alive today. Unfortunately, this is not the only challenge that Brick is facing now. He has just learned that Big Daddy is sick.

Personality… bitter, depressed, and filled with guilt. Brick is very emotional and takes things hard. It’s fitting that he goes by the nickname “Brick”– he seems he has hit a brick wall in his life. 

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