DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... terrorist leader manically focused on freeing Gotham City from wealth inequality. With an imposing physique and skewed morality, Bane doesn’t care how many corpses he leaves in his wake. In fact, the more the better. He wears a mask supplying him at all times with medicinal gas to keep him alive after a mysterious injury many years ago. Of course, no one can get close enough to remove the mask and take him down. No one but the long retired Batman.

Personality... intelligent, idealistic, and insane. A charismatic leader of a growing band of revolutionaries, Bane is unafraid to kill anyone who stands in his way. Using theatrical attacks on the city, including the demolition of a football stadium mid-game, he seizes control of Gotham City before threatening to destroy it with an atomic bomb.


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