Vanessa Ives

Vanessa Ives

    Penny Dreadful
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up in a wealthy home with her mother and father, neighbors to the Murray family. She was close friends with Mina Murray and even planned to marry Mina’s older brother. But the relationship between the Ives and the Murrays fell apart, and Vanessa’s childhood happiness fell apart with it. 

Living  in London, 1891. 

Profession  medium. Vanessa is an unusually accomplished witch. She uses her talents to help Sir Malcolm Murray, her childhood neighbor, in finding his lost daughter Mina, as she is uniquely able to confront the dark powers that are arrayed against them. 

Interests religion and magic. Vanessa believes strongly in God, and uses her faith to get her through the supernatural trials that plague her. She is also a fan of dancing, though she doesn’t have much interest in the other refined skills she learned as a child. 

Relationship Status single. She has an interest in Ethan Chandler, the American sharpshooter, but both of their pasts stand between them. 

Challenge finding Mina, and overcoming the demon that lurks inside of her. Occasionally Vanessa fails to keep at bay, and she is possessed—and it is this, and losing her soul, that frightens her the most. 

Personality… reserved, intelligent, and kind. Vanessa is often mysterious and doesn’t open up easily. This may be because she has a lot of regret about things she’s done in her past, and she hopes desperately that she can find some sort of absolution. But she’s not sure that’s in the cards for her. So instead she fights the forces of darkness however she can, and displays kindness towards others caught up in the fight.


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