Samwise Gamgee

Samwise Gamgee

    The Lord of the Rings
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the Shire among his fellow hobbits, where Sam took to the simpler life seemingly laid out before him. He was trained as a gardener and reveled in his work. Though he was also tutored by the wise and well-traveled Bilbo Baggins, which made Sam increasingly curious about things outside of the Shire.

Living… as protector of his close friend Frodo Baggins, on a dangerous road to destroy a legendary Ring with a group dubbed the Fellowship of the Ring. If it wasn’t for Sam, they’d never eat anything except bread – Sam is an excellent cook and is happy to prepare food for the group, as long as he gets to do some of the eating as well. He’s also handy when things get serious, because although he’s not very assertive by nature, he proves himself courageous time and again, especially if Frodo is in danger.

Profession… gardener. He enjoys gardening for various hobbits in the Shire, including Frodo. But Sam is willing to give up his “life’s work” when Gandalf the wizard catches him “dropping eaves,” or listening in, and scares him into accompanying Frodo on a very important journey.

Interests… food and drink, the staples of any good hobbit. Though he also has a flair for poetry, thanks to his tutelage by Bilbo. He generally likes keeping to himself and enjoying a fine ale or some good pipe weed. But once the quest begins, his biggest interest is simply keeping himself and Frodo alive. 

Relationship Status… single. He pines for Rosie, a beautiful local hobbit. But once he sets off on his journey, and it seems like he might not be coming back for a long time, Sam regrets the thought that he may never see Rosie again.

Challenge… saving Frodo from the Ring, which has a powerful and dark magic. The Ring slowly gets the best of Frodo, and even though Sam offers to “share the load,” Frodo adamantly bears the burden alone. But, as Sam says, “I can’t carry it for you…but I can carry you.”

Personality… jolly and simple, yet more educated than he seems. Sam’s passion for some well-done taters is matched by his warmth as a companion and helpfulness as a reliable adventurer. He is devoutly loyal, especially to Frodo. You’d never expect that a young hobbit gardener would end up becoming something of a legend, “Samwise the Brave.” But Sam rises to meet the challenges posed to him during their quest.


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