The Lord of the Rings
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… heir to the throne of Gondor. It was prophesied that he would rise up and reclaim the glory and honor of his forefather Isildur, who once defeated the dark lord Sauron. But his heritage was hidden from him for some time, and it was not until he was a grown man that he could act on a plan to potentially become king.

Living… on the road with the Fellowship of the Ring. Aside from the wizard Gandalf, Aragorn was the first person to help Frodo Baggins and his three hobbit friends. Aragorn earned their trust quickly and protected them from evil Ring Wraiths, who were sent by Sauron to capture the Ring of Power and kill whoever had it in their possession. Travelling incognito, the Fellowship now seeks to destroy the Ring once and for all, hopefully ending the war just starting to rage in Middle Earth.

Profession… a ranger, known as “Strider.” The rangers protect the lands outside of the Shire—where hobbits live—from orcs and other harmful evil creatures. But his true calling is the throne of Gondor, a land in political strife and in desperate need of uniting under a king.

Interests… history, peace, honor. Aragorn does not waste time with frivolous things. He is a serious man with serious plans.

Relationship Status… in a forbidden relationship with the immortal elf Arwen. Though they married in secret, their love is brief in the eyes of an elf, whose life is everlasting. Aragorn, on the other hand, will only live to be an old man—if he’s lucky.

Challenge… aiding Frodo’s quest to destroy the Ring and ascend to the throne of Gondor. Getting people to follow him and trust him may be harder than he had hoped. But with his awe-inspiring courage and fighting ability, especially with the re-forging of Isildur’s sword, combined with his oratory skills, Aragorn may just lead his people to victory.

Personality… just, and almost as wise as Gandalf the wizard. Aragorn is fit to rule a people in need of a king. He protects his friends and fights for what he believes in his heart to be right. But he’s still human. And thus even he could be seduced by the Ring of Power—and that is why he entrusts it in the hands of the hobbit Frodo Baggins, whom Aragorn trusts with his life and vice versa.


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