Character Recommendations Based on Ali Pfefferman

Frances Ha Frances Ha

Free spirit feeling old at 27

Annie Hall Annie Hall

Flighty, cool style icon

Roger American Dad!

A pansexual alcoholic non-human who will happily lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants

Hedwig Hedwig and the Angry Inch

A lost soul with a punk rock spirit

Schmidt New Girl

Underneath his preening narcissist exterior, Schmidt is, well, still kind of a preening narcissist. But he has a good heart too

Melody Grant Scandal

First Lady who's destined for and determined to achieve bigger things

Nadia Vulvokov Russian Doll

A no-nonsense broad with a dark sense of humor and a flippant attitude

Oliver Tate Submarine

Extremely articulate. Hopelessly awkward. Not a recipe for teenage happiness

Sabriel Abhorsen Series

Smart enough to understand the dangers that await her and brave enough to face them anyway

Darlene Mr. Robot

A free-spirited hacktivist who follows her moral compass