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Ali Pfefferman


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Grew Up… in Los Angeles, as the youngest of three siblings. Ali was always particularly close to her father, Mort, probably because they “share the depressive gene.” Growing up, Ali always struggled with her identity; she never wanted to wear a dress, and she boycotted her own Bat Mitzvah.

Living… in Los Angeles, near all of her family. Ali has trouble paying her rent on her own, so Mort is always there to help out with a loan or two… or three.

Profession… figuring it out. She has a great idea for a series of Urban Outfitters check-out line books, but besides that she mostly relies on money from her dad. As the youngest Pfefferman child, Ali has been babied for most of her life and so she’s had trouble growing up into a responsible adult.

Interests… working out with hot trainers, hanging out with her friend Syd, and exploring different ways of expressing her gender.

Relationship Status… single, but ready to mingle. She’d especially like to mingle with her trainer or with a new hot trans guy named Dale.

Challenge… finding herself. Ali has spent most of her life floating from interest to interest, and now she’s trying to find where she is the most comfortable settling down. She is also learning to deal with a new type of relationship with her “Moppa,” a phrase she coins when her father Mort comes out as a trans woman named Maura.

Personality… immature and directionless,but hopeful. Alihas a tendency to lose touch with both the people around her and reality as she pursues her varied interests, but she always ends up falling back on her family for support. As her father comes out, it inspires her to move forward and make some big transitions in her own life.

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