Character Recommendations Based on Dr. Strangelove

Martha Jones Doctor Who

A compassionate medical student who has found a Doctor she can really look up to

Beast Beauty and the Beast

Grumpy, furry, and lovably awkward

Sarah Kerrigan StarCraft

Pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe

The Kid Bastion

The Kid doesn’t talk, he just acts with determination

Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek

Passionate, moral, and ready to stitch you back together

Pippin Took The Lord of the Rings

Point the fun-loving Pippin towards second breakfast and he's one happy hobbit

Firo Prochainezo Baccano!

A street-smart gangster with a strong moral compass

Vash the Stampede Trigun

Vash might act like a carefree, peace-loving goof, but it's not wise to underestimate this "Humanoid Typhoon"

Razputin "Raz" Aquato Psychonauts

A talented kid psychic still learning to believe in himself

Tamaki Suoh Ouran High School Host Club

He's always the star of the scene – because he's the one making a scene