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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... proudly, in Wakanda. Though Wakanda poses as a poor developing nation, it’s secretly the wealthiest, most technologically advanced country in the world.

Visiting... anywhere and everywhere. As King T’Challa’s royal bodyguard, Okoye goes wherever he goes—from Nigeria to South Korea to Vienna.

Profession... general of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s all-female armed forces. The Dora Milaje’s skills are formidable, and Okoye is their greatest warrior. She wields a Vibranium Spear with complete mastery, and she’s absolutely fearless in battle. As she once warns T’Challa, “If he touches you again, I am going to impale him on that desk.”

Interests... cracking jokes. Okoye may be a fearsome warrior, but she also has a wicked sense of humor, particularly when it comes to teasing T’Challa.

Relationship Status... married and married to her job. Okoye is married to T’Challa’s best friend W’Kabi, the head of security for the Border Tribe. Yet her most important commitment is the one she made to the Dora Milaje.

Challenge... maintaining the oath of the Dora Milaje. Okoye isn’t just dedicated to her job, she is her job, and she takes her duties deadly seriously. She’ll always put her life on the line to protect T’Challa, even when he claims he doesn’t need her help. Yet the duty of a Dora is to serve the throne, no matter who’s on it. So when T’Challa’s rule is challenged by Erik Killmonger, Okoye must figure out where her allegiances lie—to her longtime friend or to anyone with a rightful claim.

Personality... fierce, formidable, and feisty. Okoye doesn’t suffer fools and she’s never afraid to speak her mind. She often has a stoic demeanor, particularly on the battlefield, but she can also be warm and funny with her friends, like T’Challa, his sister Shuri, and his ex-girlfriend Nakia. Okoye is a traditionalist who isn’t eager for Wakanda to change its isolationist policies. In fact, she’s often pretty annoyed whenever she has to interact with the outside world or hide her Wakandan heritage to go undercover. Still, Okoye would do anything for her job and her king. Her dedication is absolute, and when she puts her mind to something, she always achieves it.


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