X-Men Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as Ororo Munroe, and developed the unique ability to control the weather. She soon learned that similar mutations were common among the population, and that a school existed for them to hone their skills. She joined their ranks, and grew into a strong and righteous mutant under Professor Charles Xavier’s tutelage.

Living… at the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, where she teaches young mutants.

Profession… co-leader of the X-Men, a small team of powerful mutants that fight for acceptance. The X-Men are called to action when innocent mutants are in danger – usually at Magneto’s hand, who is on a misguided mission to eradicate human beings to free mutants from their persecution. This is a far cry from Professor Xavier’s goal to live harmoniously among humans. Storm seeks to spread the idea of peace and freedom for all.

Interests… using her powers to change the weather. Atmokinesis refers to her ability to create storms out of clear blue skies. Storm has spent years learning to control her powers, which she can now use as a powerful weapon against evil mutants.

Relationship Status… single. Her romantic life takes a back seat to the school and the X-Men. She has given her whole heart to developing fellow mutants.

Challenge… defeat Magneto with her fellow X-Men. Magneto plans to launch a large-scale terrorist attack in New York City to turn all of humanity into mutants.

Personality… a compassionate, loyal leader. She is a survivor who is willing to do everything for those she loves and innocent mutants. A pragmatic at heart, she states, “I gave up on pity a long time ago… Sometimes anger can help you survive.”


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