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Sam Witwicky


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Grew Up… with the legacy of being the great-great-grandson of Captain Witwicky, an Arctic explorer who accidentally discovered the AllSpark, a powerful source of life used by a race of shape-shifting alien robots called Transformers, from the planet Cybertron. These Transformers are currently at war with each other. On one side are the evil Decepticons, led by their overlord Megatron, who want to use the AllSpark to take over the universe. Trying to defend the AllSpark from such a terrible misuse are the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime. Unbeknownst to Sam, the AllSparks location is imprinted on Captain Witwicky’s glasses – which he possesses.

Living… for now, as a regular suburban kid. Sam is not a popular kid at school, and is constantly made fun of for failing rather epically at football try-outs. The only thing going for Sam right now is that his parents just bought him a car. His new car, however, turns out to be an Autobot named Bumblebee.

Profession… student, and ally to the Autobots. After Bumblebee disrupted his life, Sam joins Optimus Prime, the Autobot leader, to discover where the AllSpark is located. Overnight Sam leaves his mediocre high school social life for unimaginable adventures. However, with murderous robots that can transform nearly any household appliance, Sam’s life is in constant danger.

Interests… getting a girlfriend and staying alive. The latter has become increasingly difficult as Decepticons and a secretive governmental agency, Sector 7, are hunting him down.

Relationship Status… single, but looking for a special someone. Sam has recently developed feelings for a classmate, Mikaela. When Mikaela learns about the Autobots’ existence, she decides to help them find the AllSpark. Can the two manage to survive a Transformers Civil War long enough to start dating?

Challenge… helping lead the Autobots to victory. In order to prevent Megatron and the Decepticons from dominating the world and turning all technology against the human race, Sam and his new Autobot friends have to destroy the AllSpark at all costs. Besides, if saving the Earth doesn’t impress Mikaela, then nothing will.

Personality… sarcastic, brave, funny, and charming. While Sam might seem insignificant at first glance, his big heart ends up playing a significant role in the cosmic battle between good and evil. He’s also lucky, since he gets to “play” with what amount to the world’s coolest toys – not counting the Transformers actively trying to destroy humanity, of course.

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