Sabretooth/Victor Creed
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Sabretooth/Victor Creed

X-Men Series

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About Him

Grew Up… in Northwestern Canada in the mid-19th century. Victor was the half-brother of Wolverine, and developed many of the same mutant powers as his brother. Tragedy visited the two at a young age, forcing them out on their own, and leaving them with no one to rely on but each other.

Living… at the boundary of society. As time passed Victor began to identify more with predatory animals than human beings, causing him to live a nomadic lifestyle with no real home.

Profession… agent of the vicious Weapon X program. The Weapon X program was created by the ruthless Colonel William Stryker, a military leader who recognized the potential power of mutants, and seeks to use them for the military’s benefit. Victor does all kinds of work for the program, although he really specializes in one thing – killing anyone that Stryker wants dead.

Interests… the hunt. An animalistic man driven by beastly impulses, Victor takes great pleasure in violence, and has no problem killing innocent humans. He stalks his human prey the same way you might stalk an animal, and has no remorse for any of the lives he’s taken.

Relationship Status… single. Victor doesn’t have much use for people. The only person he’s ever really been close to is his brother, Wolverine, and even that relationship eventually collapsed into both of them trying to kill each other.

Challenge… tracking down the former members of Team X, killing them, and extracting their DNA for use in the Weapon X project. It’s a tall order, as every member of Team X was a highly trained mutant operative. But if anyone’s up to the job, it’s Victor. He’s been tearing his way through his former teammates. The only one who even has a chance against him is his brother and former comrade, Wolverine.

Personality… arrogant, sadistic, and savage. Victor spent the first 120 years of his life drifting from war to war, and was left with the understanding that humans are the most savage creatures of all. He doesn’t shy away from this birthright, harnessing his savagery to become an almost unstoppable combatant. More beast than man, Victor Creed proudly lives up to his mutant name – Sabretooth.

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