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Grew Up… the daughter of a single dad, who happened to be a veteran car thief. Since childhood, Mikaela learned to be a wiz underneath the hood. But she kept her knowledge a secret from the boys at school because she was afraid that no guys would like a girl who knew more about cars than they did.

Living… life as a high school student. After dumping her boyfriend, Trent, she gets offered a ride home from Sam Witwicky. Although Sam has been her classmate since the first grade, she had never really taken notice of him until that moment. When Sam’s car experiences technical difficulties, she surprises him with her intricate car knowledge.

Profession… student, and part-time car-fixer-upper. The day after Sam gave her a ride, he comes zooming by on his bike during lunch saying that his car is following him. When a police car attempts to destroy both of them, it becomes clear that they are dealing with an extraterrestrial life form. Overnight, Mikaela leaves the average life she knew behind.

Interests… staying alive. Mikaela teams up with Sam, even after some initial trepidation. She quickly becomes an essential member of the unit. Not only did she discover that the cars were alien robots, but she also quickly grasped the tension between the two alien groups.

Relationship Status… newly single. Mikaela just broke up with Trent, their high school’s resident jock jerk. But sparks are soon flying between her and Sam. It doesn’t hurt that his cool new car is an alien Transformer, and – oh yeah – they’re now fighting to save humanity together.

Challenge… helping the Autobots find and destroy the AllSpark. The AllSpark is a powerful object with the power to create life in other machines. The Decepticons want to use – and abuse – the AllSpark to control the Universe. Sam and Mikaela are attempting to help Optimus Prime and his Autobots, who are primarily trying to rebuild Cybertron, their home planet, but also trying to save Earth as a necessary first step.

Personality… skilled, smart as she is pretty, adventurous, and brave. At one point, when all seems lost, she even confesses to Sam how grateful she is: "No matter what happens, I'm really glad I got in that car with you." Sam and Optimus Prime are very fortunate to have Mikaela along on their life-and-death struggle.

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