Bolivar Trask
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Bolivar Trask

X-Men Series

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About Him

Overview... a brilliant military scientist hell-bent on eliminating mutants. As the President and CEO of Trask Industries, Trask’s research centers on DNA; he was the one who discovered the X-gene that gives mutants their powers. Fearful that the rise of superpowered people will cause the extinction of the human race, Trask designs giant robots called Sentinels that can detect and kill all mutants.

Personality... brilliant, arrogant, and analytical. Trask isn’t a murderous psychopath or even a prejudiced bigot; he simply takes his scientific findings to an extreme degree. He knows mutants are a potential threat and he can therefore justify using any means necessary to eradicate them He rounds up mutants and performs deadly experiments on them, all in the name of scientific advancement and defense.

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