Star Wars Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… near the end of his days, on the swamp planet Dagobah. Though he once served as a leading member of an elite Jedi council, he now spends his time in solitude, awaiting the arrival of young Luke Skywalker, a Jedi in training. Yoda is a and renowned Jedi master, and is still able to move objects telekinetically with the Force. But Yoda initially keeps his identity to himself, posing as a foolish, annoying creature.

Profession… Jedi knight. Yoda is sworn to a code of justice and honor. His purpose is to protect those who have goodness in their hearts and steer other Jedi away from the Dark Side, an evil force that seeks to dominate the known universe. Yoda is now posed with the challenge of training Luke Skywalker, who is their last hope for defeating the Dark Side and the Empire once and for all.

Interests… swamp food, piggyback riding, and training Jedi. Yoda belies his wisdom by acting quite goofy from time to time. He’s the kind of old soul (or just plain old; he’s 900-something) who still has a sense of humor. One of his favorite pastimes is hitting the droid R2-D2 with a cane.

Relationship Status… single. Yoda is a hermit at this time in his life. His devotion to training Jedi is far greater than his desire for a significant other.

Challenge… whipping this young hooligan Skywalker into shape and winning the rebellion against the Empire. When Luke comes to Yoda, he doesn’t believe that the Force is powerful enough to lift his X-Wing fighter ship out of the swamp—to which Yoda’s response is, “And that is why you fail.” Yoda, on the other hand, believes wholeheartedly that they have the power to overcome the Dark Side and save the galaxy from annihilation.

Personality… wise. Though he appears silly and simple, Yoda is among the wisest creatures in the solar system. He is hundreds of years old – and that doesn’t stop him from flying through the air at Mach speeds with use of the Force. He enjoys feigning disability by walking with a cane, but when he wants to, he can kick it into high gear and battle like a fierce, much younger warrior.


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