Dragon Ball Z

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as the prince of the Saiyans on the planet Vegeta (named after his father). As a member of a species renowned for being the “mightiest warriors in the universe,” Vegeta grew up conquering planets and the pathetic peoples that lived on them, just as any good Saiyan warrior would. But as a prince he grew up with a sense of pride that he was one of the mightiest of the mighty.

Living... as one of the last Saiyans in the universe. In an ironic twist of fate, the species that lived by taking planets from others had their own planet destroyed, leaving only a handful of Saiyans alive.

Visiting... Earth, much to the people on Earth’s distress. After one of his subordinates was defeated on Earth, Vegeta caught wind that Earth has a set of powerful wish-granting relics known as the Dragon Balls.

Profession... warrior, and he is terrifyingly good at it too. Despite this, Vegeta prefers letting his subordinates do the dirty work so they can “leave the thinking to me.”

Interests... power, and making fun of those who lack it. Even when Vegeta could destroy his foes in an instant he makes sure to “have a little fun” with those who would dare oppose him, enjoying the “looks on their faces” as they realize just how badly they are outmatched.

Relationship Status... single. Other than subordinates who obey him out of fear, Vegeta is alone. This doesn’t seem to bother him now, but should he ever realize the life of a villain is a lonely one, he might seek to change this.

Challenge... obtaining enough power to avenge the destruction of his home world. Vegeta may be incredibly strong, but in order to defeat the one that killed his people and forced him to be cruel to survive, he will need even more might. But if the power he really needs turns out to be the power of friendship, he will have an even harder path to tread after spending most of his life blinded by hatred.

Personality... egotistical, manipulative, and cruel. If one of Vegeta’s subjects is no longer “of any use” he will dispose of them as if they were trash. He does have some redeeming qualities, such as his sense of honor, and had he not been born into a world of violence and anger he could have been a very different person. (Or alien.) But for now, his superiority complex mixed with a bitter desire for revenge make him very hard to deal with.


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