The Spirit of the Puzzle

The Spirit of the Puzzle


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… inside an ancient Egyptian artifact. And he would have stayed there, too, if high school student Yugi Moto hadn't completed the Millennium Puzzle and thus released the spirit within. But although the Spirit of the Puzzle (also known as Yami Yugi) is now free, he has to share with a body with the boy who released him.  

Profession… unknown. There are rumors that the Spirit was an Egyptian Pharaoh in his past life, but without any memories of his own, he doesn't know how true they are. For now, the Spirit is content with aiding Yugi, who's often too meek to stand up for himself.

Interests… his past, justice, and card games. Like his host, the Spirit enjoys Duel Monsters, and is extraordinarily talented at the turn-based card game. However, his interest in the game becomes more personal when the Spirit learns that Duel Monsters may be connected to his past – and that the game's monsters may be real.

Relationship Status… single. Being stuck in a puzzle for several thousand years isn't exactly conducive to romance, and while Yugi's childhood friend, Téa, seems interested, the Spirit would rather let her pursue the real Yugi.  

Challenge… uncovering his past. The Spirit isn't sure exactly who – or what – he is, but he's determined to find out. After all, "You can't ignore where you came from. It's our history that shapes our future."

Personality… intelligent, aggressive, and often ruthlessly competitive. The Spirit of the Puzzle is devoted to righting wrongs, but his methods can be a bit... extreme. When evildoers are about, it's best not to choose to play a game with this Egyptian spirit – especially since losers often lose their lives. The Spirit's harsh sense of justice makes him an odd pair with pacifistic Yugi. But over time, the Spirit comes to appreciate the value of mercy and friendship. 


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