Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… an orphan. After losing his parents at an early age, Kaiba and his younger brother, Mokuba, were left to fend for themselves in an orphanage.  Through some clever finagling, though, Seto was able to coerce Gozaburo Kaiba into adopting the brothers. He soon came to regret the decision, however – Gozaburo forced Seto to study constantly, and when his adoptive son developed a virtual reality system, Gozaburo tried to put it to military use.    

Living… in Domino City, Japan. Named after the game of dominos, the city is a major site for gaming moguls across Japan, especially after Kaiba revolutionizes the hugely popular game of Duel Monsters.

Profession… CEO of KaibaCorp, after seizing the company from Gozaburo. After Kaiba's takeover, KaibaCorp underwent a drastic reform, turning from weapons to entertainment. However, the takeover hasn't been all fun and games – several of KaibaCorp's higher-ups aren't pleased with Seto's takeover, and would rather the company go back to its roots.

Interests… card games, collecting cards, and being the best at card games. Like millions around the world, Kaiba is a fan of Duel Monsters. Unlike those millions of plebes, however, Kaiba has the intelligence and the assets to be a world-class Duelist. In terms of his deck, Kaiba has a special affinity for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a powerful but extremely rare card he goes to extremes to acquire. Of course, not all the Dragon's owners are willing to give their card up – so, naturally, Kaiba "drive[s] them bankrupt" and makes "mafia connections" until they are.

Relationship Status… single. Seto Kaiba doesn't need such trifling things as romance – he has his thousands of Duel Monsters cards to keep him company.

Challenge… becoming the "King of Duelists." Kaiba boasts that, "I know everything about Duel Monsters," and for the most part, he's right. However, when he meets high school student Yugi Moto, Kaiba seems to have finally met his match – but he's not willing to let Yugi win for long.

Personality… intelligent, abrasive, and Machiavellian. Due to his childhood, Kaiba has a deeply cynical view of the world: people exist only to be used, and friendship is a silly thing for naive idealists. He does have a soft spot for his little brother, though, and it's possible that underneath all of his arrogance, Kaiba does want friends – but you'll never hear him admit it.


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