Paige McCullers
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Paige McCullers

Pretty Little Liars

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Grew Up… as one of Alison DiLaurentis’ biggest enemies at Rosewood High. For years, Alison tormented Paige with the nickname “Pigskin.” That’s not a thing that’s easy to forget… or forgive.

Living… with her overbearing, traditional parents. They hold Paige to a high standard, and the pressure can make her a little crazy sometimes.  

Visiting… the Rosewood High swimming pool, every day for swim practice. Not only does Paige take being on the team very seriously, she’s also vying for team captain.

Interests… swimming, getting into a good college, and getting the hell out of Rosewood. Between harassment from the mysterious “A”  and the memory of Alison’s torment, there’s not much about Rosewood that isn’t tainted for Paige. The only thing she likes about the place is Emily, and even that connection has its ups and downs.

Relationship Status… in love with Emily Fields. It seems like everyone in Rosewood is in an on/off relationship, and Emily and Paige are no exception. Paige’s feelings never falter, but Emily’s love life is a bit more complicated, and nothing is made easier when you have ‘A’ as a third wheel.      

Challenge… being better than her competition, whoever that is in a given situation. No matter how much Paige accomplishes, there always seems to be someone slightly better than her, whether it’s one of Emily’s other love interests, or Emily herself on the swim team.

Personality… high-strung, athletic, and sensitive. Paige’s insecurities mixed with her temperamental demeanor and a penchant for sports can only result in one thing – a sometimes-terrifying competitive streak that has been known to turn violent. But when she’s off the field and out of the pool, Paige really is a sweet, caring girl who doesn’t want to see the people she loves get hurt.

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