Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

    Napoleon Dynamite
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living in… Preston, Idaho, in a ranch house filled with fake wood paneling and tacky decor. He lives with his nerdy older brother, Kip, who spends his time looking for love on Internet chat rooms; their loud grandmother who is always on her dune buggy; and a llama named Tina. It’s a crazy house, and it’s just gotten crazier. Their grandmother just left to recover from a serious accident on her dune buggy, and Uncle Rico has moved in to babysit. Uncle Rico is a less than traditional guardian. He works days as a door-to-door salesman for a number of different products, including an herbal breast enlargement potion. He spends most of his free time admiring his biceps in a mirror and obsessing about a high school football game he lost in 1982. No wonder Napoleon is so strange.

Profession… high school student. Napoleon hates school, and describes every day spent there as “the worst day of his life.” It would be bad enough if Napoleon just had to deal with classes, but his status as a social outcast makes it so much worse. He faces particularly persistent persecution from the meanest of the mean girls, Summer Wheatley. Luckily, he has a new friend in Pedro, another outcast, who helps him cope with it all.

Interests… drawing, dancing, and martial arts. Napoleon daydreams his way through his school days, doodling Ligers (bred for their skill in magic), unicorns, and other mythical beasts. He has tremendous respect for prowess in battle, and frequently makes the dubious claim that he is a master combatant with nunchucks and bow staves.

Relationship status… not so good.  Maybe it would be better if he brushed his hair or wore something other than his moonboots and 1970’s three-piece suit. He has a crush on a shy girl at school named Deb, but doesn’t really understand how to get a girl to like him.

Challenge… managing Pedro’s campaign for school president. It won’t be easy. Pedro is going against the incredibly popular and beautiful Summer Wheatley. Their hope is that the nerds of the school will unite behind Pedro.

Personality… eccentric, awkward, and hotheaded. Napoleon lives his life with his head in the clouds, indulging in fantasies that most people can’t even begin to understand. He doesn’t have any clue how to interact with other people, and often defaults to telling unbelievable stories to make himself look cool. People have made fun of him his whole life, but with his new friend Pedro and Deb by his side, he might just get the last laugh.


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