Mona Vanderwaal

Mona Vanderwaal

    Pretty Little Liars
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… a geeky Rosewood outcast, known as “Loser Mona,” with a tragic sense of style. The nickname was an Alison DiLaurentis original, and Mona was one of Alison’s favorite bullying targets.

Living… in a post-Alison DiLaurentis world, in which she and new BFF (and former Alison disciple) Hanna Marin are the most popular girls in school. Frankly, Alison’s death has been the best thing that ever happened to Mona – at least for a while.

Visiting… Radley Sanitarium, the local mental hospital. Just because someone’s a genius, it doesn’t mean they aren’t also totally crazy.

Interests… make-up, power, and superiority. According to Rosewood’s resident psychiatrist, Dr. Sullivan, Mona has a personality disorder that caused her to live in “a perpetual state of hyper reality. The adrenaline rush that accompanied her feelings of empowerment and her high level of intelligence fueled Mona’s ability to be seemingly all-knowing and omnipresent.”

Relationship Status… single. Mona ismore interested in preserving her friendship with Hanna than any romantic entanglement. Mona’s really never had a friend before, unless you count her co-outcast Lucas, and that relationship was hardly more than an alliance born of high school survival instincts.  

Challenge… keeping Hanna’s friendship when A’s harassment brings Alison’s friends back together after Alison’s death. Mona’s social life thrived once Alison was no longer around to mock her. But that was partly because of Hanna’s friendship giving Mona cover, and Mona is not willing to give up her hard-won popularity without a fight.

Personality… vain and lonely, but a genius. Much of Mona’s personality and skills can be traced back to her hyper-intelligence – she’s a master manipulator, an unstoppable hacker, and has impeccably refined taste for every luxury from wine to jewelry.


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