Super Mario Bros.

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the Mushroom Kingdom, a magical land ruled by the benevolent Princess Peach.

Profession… part-time plumber and full-time hero. When Mario shows up for a plumbing job, he goes with his brother in a ridiculous red outfit, eats a weird looking mushroom, and then tries to fit himself inside the pipes so he can save a princess – all while charging clients by the hour. That’s Mario: the Mushroom Kingdom’s premier hero but the real world’s worst plumber.

Interests… Italian food, daydreaming, and saving the day. Mario is a skilled fighter and jumper, though you wouldn’t guess it based on his rather plump frame. When he’s not working or fighting bad guys, you may find him partying or playing sports with his friends. 

Relationship Status… single. He’s a little too busy saving the Mushroom Kingdom for romance, but Mario has always had his eye on the beautiful Princess Peach. Maybe if he successfully rescues her, she’ll give him a kiss.

Challenge… to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom. It seems like Bowser is always causing havoc in the usually peaceful Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario is the only one who’s brave enough to stop him.

Personality… simple, hot-headed, and courageous. Although a little impulsive and short-tempered sometimes, Mario is a true hero. He is always willing to go to great lengths to help others in need. Despite being a physically unremarkable plumber, he possesses an unusual amount of strength as well as strong sense of justice. 


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